A visit to your local museum should not be a boring experience. There are many opportunities to learn about exciting new things and admire pioneering art outside the sphere of what we consider typical of museum collections. Australia has many unique museums and galleries for you to visit if you are looking for something a little bit different.


Museum of Human Diseases, Sydney, NSW

The Museum of human diseases in the heart of Sydney offers a unique experience to those with an interest in biology, Epidemiology, and Physiology. There are many unique items on display and this museum is a truly educational experience. Real human tissue is on display here and if you are interested, the museum offers worksheets as you work your way through the exhibits. There are sections on genetics, infectious disease, and various pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and their effects.


Museum of Underwater Art, Townsville, QLD

The museum of underwater art in Townsville is the only underwater Art Museum in the entire southern hemisphere. This museum is not just for tourists; indeed, many marine creatures call this museum home. The Museum of underwater art also has a marine laboratory, and the water is monitored to ensure that pH and oxygen levels remain as they should. There is some fantastic sculptures and artworks to see including the ocean siren which is modeled after a member of the local indigenous community. The largest at work is an underwater building known as the coral greenhouse. This building is 9 meters long and contains 20 sculptures modeled off marine science students. These sculptures are known as reef guardians and the hope is that overtime coral and other marine fauna will grow on the sculptures attracting new marine life to the Great Barrier Reef.


HMVS Cerberus, Melbourne, VIC

This ship that once served as a training ship for the Australian Defense Force is now a wreck off the coast of Melbourne. It is a popular place for locals to picnic at and visit when they are looking for a unique photo opportunity. The boat was built in 1868 and construction finished in 1870. There are currently several campaigns underway to ensure its preservation for generations to come. The wreck sits in three meters of water and is a popular place for scuba divers. The wreck is also listed on the Victorian heritage register. We highly recommend taking a look at the old monitor ship next time you are in Melbourne.


Sheffield, TAS

Sheffield is not so much a museum rather than a town that has decided to turn something that once threatened its ruin into something to draw people in and get them excited about rural Tasmania. Every publicly owned building and structure is covered in artwork created by locals and people with a passion for rural Australian tourism. The work of many Tasmanian artists stands proud and tall on the walls of Sheffield. It is now regarded as an iconic part of the Tasmanian tourism industry. The entire town is essentially one giant art Gallery.


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2) Kon Karampelas on Unsplash